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How Many Apples in a
Bushel, Cup, Pound?

  Measures, Weights, Equivalents and Substitutions for Apple Conversions

Are you wondering How Many Apples there are in a bushel, a cup, a pound or how many apples are needed to make a litre or quart jar of applesauce?

Here, below, are handy apple measurement conversions, equivalents and conversions.

Sometimes the ingredients in recipes for apples are listed by the number of apples, and at other times they are listed with the weight or the cup measurement needed.

Use these handy conversions measurements to help you approximate the number of apples you need to have on hand to make a recipe.

Handy Apple Measurement Equivalents

Are you planning on making applesauce, cider or another apple recipe using a great quantity of fresh apples?

How many bushels will you need? I hope the information below will help you gauge how much fruit to pick or purchase to complete your baking or cooking plans!

The measurements below are intended to serve as a guide only, and are not necessarily exact apple measurements.

Keep in mind that the type of apple also may affect the measurement equivalents.

Apple Weights, Measures,
Equivalents and Subsititutions

1 pound of apples equals:

3 medium size apples

2 cups sliced apples 

3 pounds of apples equals: 

one 9 inch apple pie 

1 peck of apples equals:

10-12 pounds of apples

32 medium size apples

3 to 4 - 9 inch apple pies

7-9 quarts frozen apples

4 quarts canned apples

1 bushel of apples equals:

42-48 pounds of apples 

126 medium size apples

15 - 9 inch apple pies

30-36 pints frozen apples

16-20 quarts canned apples

1 medium size fresh apple equals:

3/4 cup cored, chopped apples
1/2 cup mashed apples

4 pounds fresh apples equals:

4 cups applesauce
1 pound dried apples

1 pound dried apples equals:

4-1/3 cup

1 gallon of apple cider equals: 

36 fresh apples

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