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Apple Types / Varieties 

Common Varieties of Apples

Did you know that there are thousands of apple types and varieties world-wide?

A particular variety of apple that is common in one area, may not be available in another part of the country.

Some localities have growing conditions which are more suitable for growing certain types of apples than other areas.

Information Guide to Different Apple Varieties and Types

Some apple varieties are small, others are medium or large.

Apples can be sweet or tart, and smooth or crisp and crunchy, all depending on the type of apple.

Some types of apples are juicier than others.

There is an apple to suit everyone's taste buds, so be sure to include this nutritious fruit in your diet.

Some apple varieties are most suitable for eating out of hand, or fresh in a salad or as a snack with fruit dip.

Other types of apples are more suitable for making a wide variety of cooked products, such as applesauce or baked into delectable apple pies and apple crumbles.

Still other varieties may be the preferred choice for making apple juice or cider.

Here follows a list (certainly not an exhaustive list) of the more common types of apples, including general characteristics of the fruit variety.

Cortland - Large size red fruit, can be soft. Good for fresh eating, baking, sauce and salads.

Empire - Medium size red fruit, similar to McIntosh variety. Sweet and crisp. Good for fresh eating, baking, sauce and freezing.

Fugi - Medium to large size reddish fruit, very sweet and juicy. Good for fresh eating.

Gala - Small size fruit yellow to red strains. Juicy, fresh flavour. Good for fresh eating.

Golden Delicious - Large yellow fruit. Good all-around, balanced flavour. Good for fresh eating, baking, sauce, salad and freezing.

Granny Smith - Medium to large size, good quality fruit. Hard, crisp, but well balanced flavour. Good for fresh eating, baking, sauce and salad.

Honey Crisp - Large size, yellow fruit. Extremely crispy and juicy. Good for fresh eating and salads.

Ida Red - Medium to large, bright red fruit with creamy white flesh. Very firm, crisp, and juicy. Sweetly tart. Good for fresh eating, baking, and sauce.

Jonathan - Medium size, red over yellow colour. Flavourful apples. Good for fresh eating, baking, sauce and freezing.

McIntosh - Small to medium size fruit, red over green colour. Fruit is flavourful but can be tart. Common favourite apple. Good for fresh eating, baking and sauce.

Mutsu (Crispin) - Large size, yellow green fruit. Very juicy and crisp with sweet flavour. Good for fresh eating, baking, sauce, salad and freezing.

Northern Spy - Small to large size, green-yellow with red blush. Firm, juicy, crisp and tart combination. Keeps very long in storage. Best used for baking and sauce recipes.

Red Delicious - Medium to large size, solid red, fruit. Sweet taste. Good for fresh eating and salad.

Spartan - Medium size, bright red to dark purple red depending apple with white flesh. Crisp, aromatic and exceptionally juicy with a balanced sweet tart apple flavor. Good for fresh eating, baking and sauce.

Suncrisp - Medium to large size, yellow with orange blush fruit. Firm and crisp apple. Good for fresh eating, baking, sauce and salad.

Winesap - Medium size, red fruit. Crispy and juicy with tart flavour. Common, old-time favourite apple. Keeps very long in storage. Good for fresh eating, baking and sauce.

How many different apple types have you tasted?

It is fun trying different varieties of apples/flavours!

Next time you pick out apples, consider trying a different variety!

If you are planning on picking your own apples, keep in mind which apple types are best for processing to make pies, and other baked goods, or for processing into applesauce, juice or cider.

GO to What apples are best for pie/sauce/salad/baking/eating fresh?

If you are interested in photos of different types of apples, I recommend visiting: Orange Pippin they have an amazing catalogue of apple varieties with corresponding photos and additional, helpful information.

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