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Best Apple Jelly Recipe

 How to Make Apple Jelly Preserves

If you are looking for the Best Apple Jelly Recipe to make, you have found it here!

You can choose to make a variation of this recipe, "Apple Cinnamon" or "Apple Mint" Jelly in stead.

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate
I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

There's really nothing quite like a spoonful of homemade jelly spread on a toast, a bagel or a muffin to brighten the morning!

This recipe makes a about 4 half-pint jars of fall's bounty.


3 pounds tart apples, cut into chunks (See: apple types)
5 cups water
3 cups granulated sugar


In a large Dutch oven size pan, combine the apples and the water.

Bring to a boil, cover, and then simmer for about 30 minutes, or until the apples are very soft. Stir occasionally.

Strain the apple mixture through a jelly bag or sever layers of cheesecloth, but do not squeeze.

Measure the juice, and add enough water to measure 4 cups of liquid.

Return the apple juice to the pan, and stir in the sugar until dissolved.

Bring mixture to a full, rolling boil (a boil than cannot be stirred down), and boil hard, uncovered, for about 12 minutes, or until the syrup sheets off a metal spoon.

Remove the mixture from heat, and quickly skim off the foam with a metal spoon.

Ladle the jelly into hot, sterilized jars, leaving a 1/4 inch headspace.

Seal jars using metal lids.

Makes 4 half-pints.

Store jars of jelly in a cool, dry place.

Suggested Apple Jelly Variations

Cinnamon-Apple Jelly

Prepare recipe as directed above, except add 4 to 6 inches of "stick" cinnamon, broken, to the pan with the apple juice and sugar.

Remove the cinnamon stick pieces before skimming off the foam.

Mint-Apple Jelly

Prepare recipe as directed above, except tie 1 cup lightly packed fresh mint leaves in a cheesecloth bag; press mint with rolling pin to bruise the leaves.

Add bruised leaves and 6 drops of green food colouring to the pan with the juice and the sugar.

Remove the mint leaves before skimming off the foam.

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